“Dax’s Fresh Start”

Colors exploded on the canvas of Dax’s closed eyelids as the gush of blood filled his mouth, fireworks in bright reds, hot whites, and brilliant blues accompanying the strawberry flavor of the college coed. 

He let her drop to the pavement, knowing he wouldn’t be the type to take small drinks for sustenance, even this early in this existence. How could any of his kind be stingy in feeding? The beginning of a beautiful life.

Dax leaned up against the alley wall as the warmth of—What was her name? Allie? Candi? Billie? That’s it!—Billie’s blood spread through his cold body. He licked the sharp fangs that hadn’t been there three days before. Had Aggie told him it would be this good?

He sneered. No, of course not. Aggie hadn’t turned out to be what he thought she was after she gave him her gift. They could have shared sweet, sweet Billie, but no. Aggie worried what could happen, wanted them to stay hidden. There were others to fear, she warned. Powerful vampires existed, those who didn’t like attention being called to their kind. 

It didn’t take him long to realize, despite Aggie’s invincibility, she was a coward. How sad. He had imagined loving her for eternity.

Hidden? Why, when you’re the most powerful creature walking the earth? Why fear anything or anyone? He refused to fear others of his own kind. What could they do to him? 

Laughter shook him as he slid down the wall to get closer to the body. “Always cover your tracks. There are consequences,” he squeaked, mocking his sire’s voice. “Consequences…”

Dax knew he was attracting attention. And he didn’t care. Six bodies drained of blood found over three nights. He hopped to his feet, still riding the rush of Billie’s blood. “Come find me!” He raised his hands to the moon, slowly spinning in a circle. “Come. And. Find. Me.”

“It was far from difficult.”

He turned, the silhouette in the alley entrance drawing his eye. The female vampire’s features became clearer as she neared. Young. Redheaded. She would be fun to take on in more ways than one. “What’re you? Here to take care of me?” His laughter reverberated through the alley.

She covered the remaining distance in a heartbeat, staring up into his face. “You should have listened to Aggie.”

“What could you possibly do to me? You look like you’re sixteen.” He swung a fist at her, but she blocked it and pinned him to the wall, her teeth grazing his neck before tearing in.

“No…no.” The warmth of Billie and his strength left him as the vampire fed. “I didn’t understand. I promise not to…Please…This was my fresh start…”

The female stood above him as he slumped, paralyzed, against the wall. “And it’s the start of a fresh day, Dax. One without you in it. Enjoy the sunrise.”

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