Writer Wednesday: Week Forty-eight

Hey, guys! Remember reading Akje’s interview back in January? Check out Sunni D’s Writer Wednesday about her work!

Sunni D. Proofreading

Hey, everyone! How have y’all been this week? I was going through looking for links for this week’s author, and I found something interesting. They too had been sharing authors and their works for a time on a site called dreamwidth. I’m not familiar with the site, but I’m slightly disappointed with myself for not knowing they were sharing, especially when I saw they were kind enough to share my work. So, let’s get to this wonderful person.

Writer Wednesday: Week Forty-eight’s featured author is Akje Majdanek. I haven’t had the chance to read Akje’s work, yet, but I do have a couple of her books on my Kindle app and, therefore, on my TBR list. I should bump them up the list. So, here we go. Below are the links where you can find Akje and her works.

Akje’s Twitter

Akje’s Wattpad

Akje’s Dreamwidth

Akje’s Amazon Author Page


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