Meant for Her: Part 3

Thad and T.W. flanked the girls as they walked out to their cars at the end of the night. Had to respect them for providing that type of protection. I imagined some clubs just let them out at close and hope that creeps aren’t waiting to follow them home.

Shelby’s smile as she slid into her black cherry red Mustang made my stomach tingle. Our mistake earlier didn’t bother her, I could tell. I wondered if she knew I was there, eager to see her again. She had to. We had that connection.

My eyes didn’t leave her car as I started mine. A minute later, I pulled out slowly with my headlights off. Those asshole bouncers didn’t see a thing.

Shit. Here I was driving a beat-up Corolla while she had a new Mustang. That’d have to change. I needed a new ride anyway.

Her car pulled into a bungalow about three miles from the club. Just as I shifted into park, a pick-up truck pulled in beside her. Out hopped that fucker T.W., giving her a hug and grabbing her ass. Shelby glanced back as she opened the front door and lead him inside.

Something went through me: anger, jealously, betrayal… I didn’t know. I got out of the car, my blood pounding in my ears. There was no way she wanted him. No way.

A light coming on around the side of the bungalow caught my attention as I went towards the porch. Shelby’s bedroom. That’s when curiosity replaced the other feelings.

I crouched behind some bushes, liking playing pervert more than I wanted to admit to myself, and peeked in the window. T.W.’s muscular back faced me as he pulled his shirt over his head. Shelby ran her hands down his bare chest and wrapped her arms around him, standing on her tiptoes to see over his broad shoulder. 

Was that a wink? She knew I was there.

“Gimme a sec,” I made out as she moved towards the window, shutting the curtains to me.


I fell back on my ass. She knew how to make me jealous. And she was showing me how she liked her men. How she wanted me to be. 

There was work to do.


Shelby wasn’t shy about bringing home men to show me. Not every night, but a different one each time. She never came out in the day that I saw. I guessed that was what happened when you worked until three in the morning. All like T.W.

But I was showing her things, too. Things I know she liked.

I signed up for a gym membership the morning after we’d kissed. She liked muscles, and she would get them. Two hours a day for two weeks and I already saw it. Results come quickly in the beginning, so said the lifelong lifters. It’d be harder later, but worth it. It would always be worth it for Shelby.

After my workouts, I took photos of myself in the locker room. It’s the best time, when your muscles are swollen and your skin’s sweaty, glistening like one of those models on the cover of a romance novel. Abs, biceps, ass, legs. When no one was around, I’d take my shorts off and give her really memorable pictures. All it took was thinking of her to get a great shot. 

Never my face though. I needed to tease her like she teased me.

I printed the photos out when I got home, put them in an envelope, and drove to her house, leaving them on her welcome mat then sitting in my car to watch. 

Shelby always found them on her way to the club. She slid them out and studied each one. Even from afar, I could see her reaction to the “special” ones. Her perfect breasts would rise and fall with each excited breath, making my cock hard wondering how wet she got. After flipping through them, she’d look up and down the street and pretend not to see my car before slipping the envelope in her bag and leaving for work. 

I bet she showed them to her coworkers. Tried to make them jealous. 

Lucky girl…

To be continued…

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