Vampire Extravaganza Gift Box Giveaway!

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Are you a fan of the dark, fangy, brooding, or just downright wicked? Then this Vampire Extravaganza Gift Box is just the Valentine’s Gift you want to give yourself!

From Sunday the 14th of February for two weeks (until February 28) we will be hosting a giveaway for those who delight in the darkness. All you need to do is enter with your name and email address, share, and like our pages. The more you do, the more chance you have of winning. Each action you take will award a set number of entries which will refresh daily.

Please note that entries are only open from the 14th of February, and will close on the 28th. No further entries will be accepted after the closing date. 

This Gift Box, brought to you by Sanguinem Emere Publishing, boasts nine books, an original artwork, and a beautiful occult kitty figurine (details below)!

“The City by Night” – Sanguinem Emere original artwork on canvas

“The Art of Vampire Knight” – Matsuri Hino Illustrations (Hardcover)

“Malpuss” – Nemesis Now Winged Occult Cat Figurine (Polyresin 10cm)

“The Vampire’s Lullaby” – Dominique Ruthven (Illustrated Short)

“The Slumbering Prince” – Dominique Ruthven (Shadows & Starlight Book 1)

“The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires” – Grady Hendrix (Hardcover)

“Marked” – P.C. and Kristin Cast (A House of Night Novel) (Hardcover)

“Dragon Child” – Nikita Boshoff (Book 1)

“Vanilla Blood” – S.L. Baron (A Novella)

“Halfborn” – Soleil Daniels

“Our Immaculate” – Jason Hes

Special thanks to our authors Dominique Ruthven, S.L. Baron, Soleil Daniels, Nikita Boshoff, and Jason Hes!

Please note that your email will be in distributed to all of the creators. You can unsubscribe from each individually at any time, however, some sponsors offer starter libraries to subscribers… FREE BOOKS!

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